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A Few Words On Energy

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Every piece of matter that ever was and ever will be started as pure energy and came down in vibration to stabilize into a flowing, pulsing article of matter. In a matrix beyond our understanding, we live in an 'arrangement' of energy. Our existence evolves as we draw and repel things. Our thoughts direct the energy we attract as well as those we push away like opposite poles of a magnet.

Magnetic energy will be the basis for our next transportation system. It has to be. Fuel has ruined us. We mismanaged our natural fuel reserves and emergency measures will be taken to preserve humanity or they won't but magnets provide a clean way to transport the lot of us for all that we choose to move about.

I am fascinated by energy-studying it, measuring it, trying to create more of it. The space-time continuum makes for excellent daydreaming. Ask Einstein. He pictured the theory of relativity long before he put it into words.

He envisioned a man falling inside of an elevator which is also falling. The man inside the falling box is gravity-free which is a continuum of Isaac Newton's idea of this added force or power holding us all on this whirling planet.

If the space-time continuum puzzles you, find a juggler and watched him until you get it. Keep watching. kiwi energy has to calculate his movement like a chess game, always keeping everything in motion. The key to time travel will be found in this puzzle. Back to the Future was a fun movie but they were going the wrong way.

Energy begets itself. It's well stated in Isaac Newton's first law of motion: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth with the purest energy of anyone before or since His arrival. It explains His healing touch and the unlimited source of love that was tapped into-nothing was blocking it.

Negative emotions, resentment, fears: all block the Christ energy that we are meant to partake of. Communion also includes accepting Him into our hearts fully. He will infuse us. Nothing but our own human thoughts can stop the flow of the energy.

When we judge or damage others, it causes an imbalance which flows from one person to the other. The victim's energy is disrupted sending waves of ripples right back to the abuser. Both are damaged and nothing is resolved.

Angry energy is a killer. It is worth noting that no one is born filled with rage. It starts as small hurts and disappointments that fester into toxic energy that begins to show up on every level-spiritually, mentally and physically.

People that harm others are filled with toxic emotional energy. Their angry deeds are how they release it. No one can tap into it but the person carrying it. It is a spiritual journey to walk away from but once done, clean, fresh energy will fill the person and she will be reborn.

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